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Microneedling: What can you expect with your treatment?

Micro-Needling: What To Expect With Your Treatment

What can you expect after your microneedling treatment?

You have your treatment scheduled, and you are wondering…..

What is the treatment going to feel like?
What in the world am I going to look like after?
Do I magically see glowing breathtaking skin immediately? Or do results come later?

I had a microneedling treatment, and as an RN who worked for a plastic surgeon for a long time, have performed a lot of treatments as well. So, this is coming from my personal experience; both from what I felt with my own treatment, and from what I have seen my clients experience.

The treatment usually takes about 30-45 minutes, some places will do a sheet mask after, extending the length of treatment a little. Sheet masks, if you haven’t seen them, are pretty cool. They look like a piece of thin rubber or flexible plastic that is placed over your skin; usually it is a calming, hydrating, or anti-oxidant mask that will be applied after the micro-needling.

To start off, your skin expert (guru) will cleanse your face (if you didn’t cleanse at home first).

A numbing gel will be applied, and depending on the strength of the numbing ingredients, it will be left on your skin for anywhere from 10-45 minutes. Usually these gels are made from a combination of lidocaine, or other numbing medications; having the numbing cream is definitely a bonus of going to a skin guru with a medical background or affiliation.

The gel is washed off, and a toner or prep will be used to strip off any oils that might be on your skin; if you have had a chemical peel it is very similar to the first step in a peel.

Some type of “slip” is used to help the pen glide smoothly across your skin; this can be sterile saline, water, or some type of a vitamin C or hydrating gel. As the treatment starts, you hear and feel vibration from the pen; the sound reminded me of the buzzing from a tattoo gun, and the vibration felt (honestly most of the time I didn’t feel a thing, it was great!!) like the vibrating from microdermabrasion. There will be several passes over each area treated. The number of passes and depth of the needle will be changed throughout the treatment, to cater it to your skin specifically. This will make sure you are getting the best result, and it will target the concern you have with each area of your skin.

I LOVE this about microneedling. No two treatments are the same; it all depends on what is happening right now with your skin.
What does your skin need?
What will drive the best results for you?

At the end of your treatment a mask or some type of product will be applied to your skin. Your skin will most likely be red, like a sunburn. Also depending on how aggressive your treatment was, or if you were targeting deep acne scarring, there may be tiny little red spots, or pin point bleeding. This sounds a little scary, but this is another reason in my opinion microneedling devices, are better than a derma roller; the channel, or hole, that is created is really tiny, and very narrow. It will heal very fast, and those spots will most likely be gone in an hour or two. You may have redness for the rest of the day, possibly the next day too. (this is generally easy to cover up with make-up)

You will usually be given some products to use at home; it is best to use what you are given, and don’t plan on putting makeup or sunscreen on the rest of the day after your treatment.
Stay out of the sun and no working out or excessive sweating the rest of the day either.

By the next day you can be back to normal; makeup, products (wait a couple of days before Retinol, Vit A, or strong Vitamin C products), pretty much back to your normal routine.

I felt like my skin was extra smooth and glowy for the next couple of days after my treatment.
I also noticed some light peeling on my cheeks and around my mouth. It was nothing crazy, nothing hard to cover up. Makeup seemed to glide on really well too. It was awesome.

Over the next few weeks there won’t be much change you see to the surface of your skin, but there is magic happening below the surface!

Your body has started the healing process, stem cells are kicking in gear to help heal, and to boost elastin and collagen.
This is where the big changes in your skin come from.
Your skin is starting to look and behave like younger skin again.
Instead of breaking down and thinning out your skin, it is being strengthened!

Another reason I love the idea of micro-needling. It triggers your body to heal itself, without hurting your skin or potentially causing more damage.

So, you’re done! And, if you’re like I was, relieved to see that it was easy, and TOTALLY excited to have my next one!
Make sure you wait about 6 weeks; we want to give the healing process the time it needs, to really benefit from treatment.
I love to hear other people’s stories or experiences with this treatment, so comment, call, or come see me!
And enjoy!…/skinpen-hailed-as-newest-breakthro…/

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